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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

People why are there so many penguins in movies

It seems like these cute adorable penguins are popping up every where. First it started with March of the Penguins which was a boring documentary ,and now this. Surfing and dancing penguin's. I really like penguins .After all, I have penguin art from Moody Gardens but can the movie directors think of some thing else besides these adorable little birds. Everybody is tired of those annoying little talking penguins!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day all you Canadians. I was gonna post on the actual Canada day but I had problems with the Internet. Well here I am and being back from Canada i got to see some of the Canada day festivities. We where actually in Calgary in time to see all the stampede decorations. Where we stayed, ( The Sheraton Suites) had the most awesome decorations. It had a wagon which read " Sheraton Suites or Bust" and a tepee with sign that says " No Vacancy"Also the things like concierge and shops have been renamed to "Town Know it All" and the "General Store". I could go on and on but since i don't know when I can blog again I will. The plus 15's where my favorite. One had a roller coaster on it and it said Stampede. However there was more to Canada then that. We also went to Banff to go white water rafting. The company that took us was called Canadians Rockies Rafting. We went over a waterfall called " The widower and Karen freaked out. Also we went on one called the elbow and we all got soaked and Karen said it went down her wetsuit. So did it to mine but i wasn't complaining.... well at least not till the end but honestly i couldn't feel my middle finger. After all the water was 52 degrees Fahrenheit.
brrrrr.............. After that we had planned to go to Phil's but they closed at six and instead we had to go to a pizza place called Athena's Pizza or something like that. However if you want really good food you need to go to Barclay's. It is located at the Sheraton Suites. After that take a stroll in Prince's Island and then watch a free movie (you get it at the Sheraton in July) and the drift off to sleep while it is still daylight. Pure heaven Pure Heaven................ Anyway Happy Canada Day