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Friday, December 28, 2007

Wooly Bully

When we where at Alamo Drafthouse they showed this clip. The Crocidiles make me laugh.

Alvin And The Chipmunks Christmas Song-David Seville-Best

Continuation of post below.

How are you, fellow bloggers

Hi blogger people. Merry christmas and happy new year. Santa clause brought me the coolest gift, one of those please return to tiffanys bracelet. He did very well on that. Also i got more webkinz (suprise) I have 30 something now.My favorite is the turtle, he is so cute. I maned him Poky. Sorry for not writing more been a little busy. Also I always appreciate comments. I am glad to see that Adi is getting better. On another note about squeaky sounding animals (laugh), I went to go see alvin and the chimpmunks a while ago. It was realy funny, we went to see it at alamo drafthouse so there was all of the little clips from the former Chimpmunks movie. My favorite was the wooly bully one.Don't for get the christmas song

No you are not, you are a dog. How could you be a cat? Nice try Genevieve, but we aren’t that gullible,” Shipley said with a nervous laugh.“I can and I’ll prove it,” Genevieve (or Saks) said defiantly. She did a strange dance and her skin melted away leaving a frizzy haired, but otherwise unharmed cat in it’s place.“Where is Genevieve?” Gustav asked. In Gustav’s eyes, she looked calm while inside it was chaos. “Relax, I can take you to your friend on one condition.”“What, what anything,” they exclaimed at once you must swear to secrecy for no one can know about this society. No one, understand?”Gustav and Shipley looked at each other and said….. “I solemnly swear that I will never ‘remember’ this after it happens.” “Alright then,” Saks began, “Let us go to Paris!”