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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Reading/ Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Reading!!!

“No way,” the cats exclaimed as Genevieve flashed the tickets. “How could someone just drop these on the sidewalk?” “Who knows,” Genevieve said. “However, all I can say is finder’s keepers and losers weepers!” The cats laughed at Genevieve’s scratchy singing voice.

“Is something dying in here?” asked someone in the shop.
“Who knows,” asked another voice.
“Hold on. Wait a minute. I know those voices. Is that you Roo and Artemis?” Genevieve asked.
The guests exclaimed, “Why yes it is and who might we be talking to?”
Genevieve replied, “It’s your old friend Genevieve.”
The guests called out, “Really, where are you?”
Genevieve replied, “By the front desk.”

“Genevieve, you have got to introduce us to your friends,” the slightly taller one said.
Genevieve embarrassedly replied, “Whoops, I almost forgot.”

Two little figures emerged from in the darkness. They were bobbing their heads up and down. No wait, they were hopping up and down! Slowly, they fully emerged and the two cats realized there was no need to be scared because these two creatures were only 2 inches Genevieve introduced them – “This is Shipley and this is Gustav. Also, this one is Artemis and the other one is Roo.”
“Roo, Artemis, very nice to meet you.” Shipley and Gustav replied simultaneously.

Had a person witnessed this conversation all they would hear was croak, rabbit meow and bark!

Artemis and Roo soon set-up camp around the heater for it soon began to snow.

“How did you happen to be at Madame Trousseau’s Artemis? Last time I saw you were in a cage at the London Zoo.” Genevieve commented while eating a can of tuna fish she found in a great white thing that was as cold as Antarctica (it was the fridge!).
“You know, frogs are related to tuna. I would appreciate if you didn’t eat my great aunt twice removed,” Artemis politely told Genevieve.

However, the other frog was about to slide down a sculpture of a dragon with the other two cats trying to crawl into the gaping mouth of an alligator.
“They look like they are having so much fun. Should we join them?” Artemis asked.
“You can, I am going to take a walk.” Genevieve left and the only noise heard was the twinkling sound of bells as she left to go back to the library. Genevieve looked around the London Library for the last time. Tomorrow they would be on board ‘The Chunnel’ heading towards Paris. One slight soundless tear fell down her cheek as she took her time weaving through books. When she got to the lone computer, she logged in and checked their seats on the train. “Three of the finest seats in town,” a voice said behind her. She relaxed it was only Éclair, the librarian’s Persian cat. “I guess this shall be our final meeting,” Éclair said quietly. Genevieve told her longtime friend, “goodbye,” were the final words said to each other for Genevieve was out the door before she could start crying. Genevieve went to sleep at Madame Trousseaus for the final time.

The three cats looked around Madame Trousseaus for the last time. Gustav said with a sigh, “today is the day that we finally leave London.” Genevieve tried to lighten them up by saying, “but, it gets us one more place to seeing them all.” However, she too was a little nervous about the plan. “What if something goes wrong, what if , what if, what if……” What ifs were going through their heads. However, Genevieve stayed strong and pushed the cats until they came to the station where the Chunnel lived. Genevieve thought of one teensy weensy problem. Are they going to let three animals that don’t have passports cross the border?

Genevieve told the others - “Guys, I think we may have a major problem. Are they going to let two animals that haven’t had a bath in days plus a dog that is in worse condition on to a highly regarded train? I don’t think so,”

Shipley and Gustav pondered this while Genevieve tapped her foot impatiently.

“Shipley,” Genevieve demanded, “you have all the ideas…. Well, what are they? Oh wait, you must have left them at Madame Trousseaus!” Genevieve’s voice was dripping with sarcasm.

Gustav was left out and he stayed out but was wondering why Genevieve was so cranky all of the sudden. After all, she used to be so kind and now…… Well, now she was either arguing or had a glassy look in her eyes.

“I have confession to make guys. I am not Genevieve, my name is Saks and I am a cat!”

Monday, November 5, 2007

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

(Later that night)

The two cats rested as Geneve took first watch. She waited until she could hear the soft snores of Gustav and Shipley and she strolled outside. Stealthily she made her way down the road. When she stopped she looked up. She saw the library. Geneve had always felt comfartable here, surrounded by so much knowledge. Calmly waiting for her on the shelfs. She nimbly hopped up the fire escape and into a open window at the top. Once inside she found her makeshift parachute and jumped off of the railing. As air filled the parachute she slowly made her descent. When she finaly plopped onto the beanbag she started her journey,weaving and winding through the shelves almost made her feel like she was at home. That was before her family deserted her. That thought made her realize how much she wanted to get to america. Getting out of London would be the hardest, after that it would all be easy. Geneve thought of a idea, she logged on to the computer and did a google search for a online ticket stand and bought two tickets to Paris on the chunnel. After that he turned the computer off and she walked out the door.