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Friday, December 28, 2007

Wooly Bully

When we where at Alamo Drafthouse they showed this clip. The Crocidiles make me laugh.

Alvin And The Chipmunks Christmas Song-David Seville-Best

Continuation of post below.

How are you, fellow bloggers

Hi blogger people. Merry christmas and happy new year. Santa clause brought me the coolest gift, one of those please return to tiffanys bracelet. He did very well on that. Also i got more webkinz (suprise) I have 30 something now.My favorite is the turtle, he is so cute. I maned him Poky. Sorry for not writing more been a little busy. Also I always appreciate comments. I am glad to see that Adi is getting better. On another note about squeaky sounding animals (laugh), I went to go see alvin and the chimpmunks a while ago. It was realy funny, we went to see it at alamo drafthouse so there was all of the little clips from the former Chimpmunks movie. My favorite was the wooly bully one.Don't for get the christmas song

No you are not, you are a dog. How could you be a cat? Nice try Genevieve, but we aren’t that gullible,” Shipley said with a nervous laugh.“I can and I’ll prove it,” Genevieve (or Saks) said defiantly. She did a strange dance and her skin melted away leaving a frizzy haired, but otherwise unharmed cat in it’s place.“Where is Genevieve?” Gustav asked. In Gustav’s eyes, she looked calm while inside it was chaos. “Relax, I can take you to your friend on one condition.”“What, what anything,” they exclaimed at once you must swear to secrecy for no one can know about this society. No one, understand?”Gustav and Shipley looked at each other and said….. “I solemnly swear that I will never ‘remember’ this after it happens.” “Alright then,” Saks began, “Let us go to Paris!”

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Reading/ Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Reading!!!

“No way,” the cats exclaimed as Genevieve flashed the tickets. “How could someone just drop these on the sidewalk?” “Who knows,” Genevieve said. “However, all I can say is finder’s keepers and losers weepers!” The cats laughed at Genevieve’s scratchy singing voice.

“Is something dying in here?” asked someone in the shop.
“Who knows,” asked another voice.
“Hold on. Wait a minute. I know those voices. Is that you Roo and Artemis?” Genevieve asked.
The guests exclaimed, “Why yes it is and who might we be talking to?”
Genevieve replied, “It’s your old friend Genevieve.”
The guests called out, “Really, where are you?”
Genevieve replied, “By the front desk.”

“Genevieve, you have got to introduce us to your friends,” the slightly taller one said.
Genevieve embarrassedly replied, “Whoops, I almost forgot.”

Two little figures emerged from in the darkness. They were bobbing their heads up and down. No wait, they were hopping up and down! Slowly, they fully emerged and the two cats realized there was no need to be scared because these two creatures were only 2 inches Genevieve introduced them – “This is Shipley and this is Gustav. Also, this one is Artemis and the other one is Roo.”
“Roo, Artemis, very nice to meet you.” Shipley and Gustav replied simultaneously.

Had a person witnessed this conversation all they would hear was croak, rabbit meow and bark!

Artemis and Roo soon set-up camp around the heater for it soon began to snow.

“How did you happen to be at Madame Trousseau’s Artemis? Last time I saw you were in a cage at the London Zoo.” Genevieve commented while eating a can of tuna fish she found in a great white thing that was as cold as Antarctica (it was the fridge!).
“You know, frogs are related to tuna. I would appreciate if you didn’t eat my great aunt twice removed,” Artemis politely told Genevieve.

However, the other frog was about to slide down a sculpture of a dragon with the other two cats trying to crawl into the gaping mouth of an alligator.
“They look like they are having so much fun. Should we join them?” Artemis asked.
“You can, I am going to take a walk.” Genevieve left and the only noise heard was the twinkling sound of bells as she left to go back to the library. Genevieve looked around the London Library for the last time. Tomorrow they would be on board ‘The Chunnel’ heading towards Paris. One slight soundless tear fell down her cheek as she took her time weaving through books. When she got to the lone computer, she logged in and checked their seats on the train. “Three of the finest seats in town,” a voice said behind her. She relaxed it was only Éclair, the librarian’s Persian cat. “I guess this shall be our final meeting,” Éclair said quietly. Genevieve told her longtime friend, “goodbye,” were the final words said to each other for Genevieve was out the door before she could start crying. Genevieve went to sleep at Madame Trousseaus for the final time.

The three cats looked around Madame Trousseaus for the last time. Gustav said with a sigh, “today is the day that we finally leave London.” Genevieve tried to lighten them up by saying, “but, it gets us one more place to seeing them all.” However, she too was a little nervous about the plan. “What if something goes wrong, what if , what if, what if……” What ifs were going through their heads. However, Genevieve stayed strong and pushed the cats until they came to the station where the Chunnel lived. Genevieve thought of one teensy weensy problem. Are they going to let three animals that don’t have passports cross the border?

Genevieve told the others - “Guys, I think we may have a major problem. Are they going to let two animals that haven’t had a bath in days plus a dog that is in worse condition on to a highly regarded train? I don’t think so,”

Shipley and Gustav pondered this while Genevieve tapped her foot impatiently.

“Shipley,” Genevieve demanded, “you have all the ideas…. Well, what are they? Oh wait, you must have left them at Madame Trousseaus!” Genevieve’s voice was dripping with sarcasm.

Gustav was left out and he stayed out but was wondering why Genevieve was so cranky all of the sudden. After all, she used to be so kind and now…… Well, now she was either arguing or had a glassy look in her eyes.

“I have confession to make guys. I am not Genevieve, my name is Saks and I am a cat!”

Monday, November 5, 2007

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

(Later that night)

The two cats rested as Geneve took first watch. She waited until she could hear the soft snores of Gustav and Shipley and she strolled outside. Stealthily she made her way down the road. When she stopped she looked up. She saw the library. Geneve had always felt comfartable here, surrounded by so much knowledge. Calmly waiting for her on the shelfs. She nimbly hopped up the fire escape and into a open window at the top. Once inside she found her makeshift parachute and jumped off of the railing. As air filled the parachute she slowly made her descent. When she finaly plopped onto the beanbag she started her journey,weaving and winding through the shelves almost made her feel like she was at home. That was before her family deserted her. That thought made her realize how much she wanted to get to america. Getting out of London would be the hardest, after that it would all be easy. Geneve thought of a idea, she logged on to the computer and did a google search for a online ticket stand and bought two tickets to Paris on the chunnel. After that he turned the computer off and she walked out the door.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Chapter 13

"Shipley, what where you thinking? We where supposed to be quiet and Inconspicuous not making me and Geneve think you had a broken leg. Honestly you just... you just... you careful." Geneve was silenced by the sudden outburst from what she thought was a sleeping Gustav. " Nice give in on the end." Geneve said loudly. Gustav woke with a start. "Where is Shipley i need to yell at her" Gustav demanded. " Relax, it was all a dream." Geneve said in a lulling voice, trying to figure out if she was still asleep. "It was... okay" and with a thud Gustav was fast asleep.

Also there was a mistake on the last post. The initials where L.V. Pawpaw J can figure that one out

Monday, October 15, 2007

Chapter 12

Those few hours after dawn and before early morning, the cats ran in and out of the sculptures laughing and panting the entire time. Finally, they stopped to catch their breath. Shipley had one more idea and she strolled to the random section weaving her way through sculptures until she came to what she wanted. The sculpture was in a strange way “dominos pizza.” The long line of dominos called her and before she thought about it, all of the dominos were falling over just because a flick of her tail caught them. The dominos fell slowly and slowly in a spiraling pattern until they hit the final thing - - a slice of pizza!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

After one quick run through of the shop, Shipley was a little late but everyone was thankful. He had found a wonderful jacket with the initials “LMV.” “This would make an excellent blanket,” Genevieve commented and that is exactly what they did. They carefully used their teeth and cut three medium sized holes through it. When they were satisfied with their work, they spread the blankets across the ground and were fast asleep before their heads hit the pillow! Soon the sun was rising and the cats awoke. ‘How about some fun?” Genevieve asked. She knew there was only one answer to those cats. That one answer was “YES!”

Monday, October 1, 2007

Chapter 10: On the run again

Soon after the guards left the little traveling buddies, they held a meeting. Shipley looked pale and stress. When the other two asked why, he responded with, “Got to get out, we are at Madame Trousseaus.” “Who the heck is Madame Trousseaus and why are you acting like she is some billionaire who makes stuff out of candles?” Gustav said a little annoyed, but with some intrigue. After Gustav’s comment, it all fit together for Genevieve. Gustav looked at her for back-up and all Genevieve would do is look at her and say, “he looks like that because we are in a billionaire’s shop and well she does make things out of candles - - or at least the wax of them!”

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chapter 9

The ferris wheel slowed to a stop. The two cats (and dog) are ready to run when the ferris wheel stops. The doors clinked open and animal control springs into action. The trio had contemplated this at Genevieve’s house and with extreme agility they leaped over them and in the street behind. Turning this way and that, they finally saw a shop which looked like a great place to hide. As the cats entered the store, or so they thought, they heard voices. Shipley, Gustav and Genevieve ran under the desk. “I hope nothing happens tonight, I heard Madame Trousseau is coming around tomorrow,” said the guards. Little did they or anyone else in the sleepy city know that all chaos could fit under a desk!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Chapter 8

I knew this was gonna smell

Soon after hopping into the duffel bag they began to doubt their plan. Also they saw the major flaw. The stench. The duffel bag they had decided to jump into was filled with stinky gym socks. ( just their luck) On top of that while on their journey to the ferris wheel when crossing streets many cars had coated them in exhaust. Still they persevered because this was Geneve's only request. On their whole journey this was the only thing she realy truly wanted to do. Soon, but in their opinion not soon enough, they got to the front of the line. As the gates where about to closeon a empty compartment the jumped out of the ba and raced into the compartment. The two cats, and dog were tired and ready to drop however even that coulnd't stop them from being amazed.The next 25 minutes where amazing.Londons landscape getting farther farther away almost like there problems of this strange predicament. Geneve sat down and watched the world get farther and farther away. Then they hit the top of the ferris wheel and began to slide down. All their problems became rushing back and threatned to wipe the smile of the poor dog. " What are we going to do" She asked" The two cats snapped out of their trance and soon back into their senses. The trio suddenly said in unision, " We need to run."

Friday, September 7, 2007

Chapter 7: A crazy stinky plan

The group made their way to down town london. Soon after they left they realized how important their training. Two miles would have killed them but now they only tired slightly. Soon they came to a halt.Shipley,Geneve and Gustav all began to smile. Before them stood the london eye."wow" breathed gustav"I thought it was only 2 inches high like in the book. Shipley and Geneve eyed him but didn't say anything. After sitting there for a while a idea popped into Shipley's head. As soon as she thought it over she explained it to gustav and shipley.However it was a while before they could put their plan into action. After all they had to find what they where looking for. A duffel bag about half empty. It was about to be emptied then carry three very unexpected passengers.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Chapter 6

I hope people are enjoying the story of the mischievous cats as much as i like writing about them

Chapter 6 A change in everyone
The next day was when training began. They ran across the mansions old corridors while wearing the saddle packs which Genvieve secretly filled with stones. Genève told them that they would have to train for a while before they where ready and that they also needed to stay here for a while to make sure no comes looking for them. A whole month of training and cutting down meal portions went by before they decided to leave. At that time did Genève decide that the two cats would be able to carry supplies and run fast if they ever needed to. The three pets separated and looked around the house for anything that might help them. When they got back, they pulled together what they found. They found things that where supposed hold horse food for the horses, scraps of a blue quilt and some empty little cans. Genève had the idea that they could open those and pack food in them. With all that they could bring packed and on their backs the two cats and 1 dog set out making their way down the highway. They where extremely cautious as they made their way down the roads of London. Carefully trying to use the roads that no one used and slowly made there was to down town London.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chapter 5

Every one liked the first part of my story well get ready for the real beginning at least the beginning of the adventure the pictures you see are the real gustav geneve and shipley

Chapter Five: A five star flea hotel

Shipley and Gustav sat uncomfortably on the withered sofa. Genève looked bad from far away but now that they were up close they realized it was far worse then they expected. She had fleas bouncing of her like it was the fourth of July and her once thoroughly combed chocolate hair was now jet black and hadn't seen a brush in ages. They where barely able to suppress a shudder when Genève abruptly said " What can I do for you two cats" Shipley looked at Gustav at the same times Gustav looked at Shipley. " We have decided to run away" Gustav managed to stutter. "Why, you have everything two cats could want. What is so bad about your life." Genève said with surprising venom. Again the whole looking at each other at the same time. however this time Shipley spoke up it’s a long story..... " Does it look like have appointment book filled to the brim (it now lays empty and nothing is in it). As Shipley and Gustav explained their story the hours of days passed and just as the sun set the two cats ended there story as "and that is why we are here" Genève laid back in the over sized and over stuffed armchair and pondered what she had been told. Hmmmm.... From what you have told me the old lady will probably come looking for you so we should stay on a low profile. Giving us some time to prepare for the long journey ahead. "Come" she said and as nimble as a cat she jumped of the arm chair and onto the floor. Shipley and Gustav followed . " I don’t know if you remember the old toy horses that Rebecca had two the size of you two and one the size of me." " Yes" both of the cats cried in unison. " Her mother made her leave them and all of their accessories behind" " So what are we going to do with horse toys" Shipley asked? Genève simply replied" We are going to need them." " What for" this time however it was Gustav spoke up. This time Genève gave a more complex answer because she wanted the questions to be over with." You see last Christmas Rebbecca got a adventure kit for her ponies which I must admit came extremely well stocked. Saddle packs the whole enchilada. So I figure we are gonna have a long adventure a head of us so we better come prepared. Also I think we better start practicing running in the yard. There for if we have to make a run for it we will be fit enough to do it. One other think we are gonna have to do is slowly cut down how much food we eat so it won't be a dramatic change when we start. "You still haven't answered our question. Will you join us." Geneve had been avoiding the question her self. She was silent for a moment and then whispered "yes"

Monday, August 20, 2007

Chapters 1-4 (A crazy group and a crazy adventure)

The list of all the webkinz had a point. I thought you might want to know who I based the characters on. The book isn't finished yet but the first few chapters are so i thought i might publish them on my blog. when the story is finished i can tell you what realy happened to the humans!


In a land not far from here and in a time not so long ago there lived two cats. Gustav and Shipley. These two cat where alike and different in many ways. First and the most obvious I might add they where both cats. Second they where quite spoiled as where most pets of downtown London. One of there differences however was that while Shipley was laid back and quite lazy, Gustav was active cat always finding a way to pursue his dreams. However there was one dream he had not been given a opportunity to pursue quite yet in his nine lives. When Gustav and Shipley both laid down their heads for those sweet cat naps the dreams they had where quite similar. Dreams of the Greek temples built for Athena and Persephone and the famous leaning tower of Pisa. They both dreamed of seeing the World.

Chapter One: The Beginning

There was many changes going on in the houses of Gustav and Shipley. Every one was packing. All the rooms became scarce of any items they could but in a wide assortment of suitcases all different shapes and sizes. That is all except the rooms of Shipley and Gustav. All of there stuff was untouched. The children looked at them for a while with such sad faces that they soon tried not to look at them at all because they would overflow with tears. Then came the day when the suitcases where packed. Still none of the two cats things had been touched. As the car was loaded they picked up the two cats and put them hastily in the back seat. As the car drove away the cats realized that this would be the last time they would ever see their stunning home again.

Chapter Two: Stranded with a Old Lady

As the car slowed the revolting smell of dry cat food enveloped the two cats noses . The kind that is packed by the pound is the smell that smothered the two cats. Temporarily the cats didn't think as the mother of their family handed the two cats to an old lady. This didn't even strike them as odd because everyone should get a chance to hold such stunning cats. Or at least they viewed it like that. However when they started to realize what was happening it was too late. The car took off from the parking lot of the apartment complex to fast to stop even if the driver had wanted to. As the old lady looked at her watch and exclaimed " Oh my little dears you are probably starving by now." As she said that Shipley's and Gustav's stomach started rumbling. "Yum Yum" the both exclaimed in a language only animals can understand and to humans it is either meow bark moo etc. Quite exited as to the thought of food momentarily they forgot the terrible so they also forgot to think about what it was coming from.

Chapter Three: I'm Supposed to Eat that...Thing

As the old lady set them down they ran toward four bowls placed on the floor. Two where filled with water at which they happily slurped away but when there thirst was quenched they found that for them was dry cat food that looked at least three months if not years old. The two cats decided to skip dinner. They looked all around the house and the only beds they could find was the old lady's bed. When the two cats finely realized that they had to sleep on the couch they settled in to the scratchy material that made them squirm. Unable to sleep the two cats discussed ideas on how to make lemonade out of these lemons but they found out with such big lemons and no opposable thumbs it was pretty much impossible. However they did form a plan. One they would regret at first but learned to be thankful that at that age they did not think before they acted. They decided to rum away.

Chapter Four: What Happened to you

While Gustav thought about their predicament he wondered where they would go. Who would feed them? All of these questions swarmed at him and pestered so he couldn't sleep. We're not very strong so we will need protection. Who where the strongest people he knew. Butch, he wasn't friend, he was the neighborhood bully. Fifi, they had got into a argument last week. Then who else……..? Genève was perfect for the job. She was loyal and trustworthy. Her coat was a chocolate color and was extremely tall even for being a lab. Another one of traits that might come in handy is that she was incredibly strong so she could pick both cats up and place them on her backs and then run. The next morning at dawn both of the sleepless cats set out to Genève's house. What they saw almost shocked them as much as what they didn't see. There was no more maids bustling around the corridors of Genève's owners mansion and the once well groomed Genève looked scrawny but strong compared to her former
Self who was plump but weak. As Shipley and Gustav approached her they heard Genève whimper. Being a dog she had even better smell then cats and both cats smelled like old cat food. Despite the awful smell of the two cats Genève let them in.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Also on Karens Account (Webkinz)

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Webkinz


Sketchers the Pig

Daffodil the Poodle

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Dreidel the Pug

Monday, August 6, 2007

That Adi

Adi sure is loved. She made the latest post on and pawpaw j's blog and mine. That is one spoiled dog. She is more spoiled then Genevieve, Madeline's dog and Genevieve, karen's choclate lab on webkinz combined.

4th of July

Me Karen and Adi getting ready to go to the their Fourth of July parade in which we decorated. for only having twenty minutes to decorate we did a pretty good job I guess. They had realy cool stuff. One group turned there golf cart into a airplane. It was awesome. However there was no category on cutest dog. If there was I think we would have won :):):):):):):)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

People why are there so many penguins in movies

It seems like these cute adorable penguins are popping up every where. First it started with March of the Penguins which was a boring documentary ,and now this. Surfing and dancing penguin's. I really like penguins .After all, I have penguin art from Moody Gardens but can the movie directors think of some thing else besides these adorable little birds. Everybody is tired of those annoying little talking penguins!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day all you Canadians. I was gonna post on the actual Canada day but I had problems with the Internet. Well here I am and being back from Canada i got to see some of the Canada day festivities. We where actually in Calgary in time to see all the stampede decorations. Where we stayed, ( The Sheraton Suites) had the most awesome decorations. It had a wagon which read " Sheraton Suites or Bust" and a tepee with sign that says " No Vacancy"Also the things like concierge and shops have been renamed to "Town Know it All" and the "General Store". I could go on and on but since i don't know when I can blog again I will. The plus 15's where my favorite. One had a roller coaster on it and it said Stampede. However there was more to Canada then that. We also went to Banff to go white water rafting. The company that took us was called Canadians Rockies Rafting. We went over a waterfall called " The widower and Karen freaked out. Also we went on one called the elbow and we all got soaked and Karen said it went down her wetsuit. So did it to mine but i wasn't complaining.... well at least not till the end but honestly i couldn't feel my middle finger. After all the water was 52 degrees Fahrenheit.
brrrrr.............. After that we had planned to go to Phil's but they closed at six and instead we had to go to a pizza place called Athena's Pizza or something like that. However if you want really good food you need to go to Barclay's. It is located at the Sheraton Suites. After that take a stroll in Prince's Island and then watch a free movie (you get it at the Sheraton in July) and the drift off to sleep while it is still daylight. Pure heaven Pure Heaven................ Anyway Happy Canada Day

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Jim Won! Have you been to discoverychannel.com? It is so awesome. Go to games and then choose "mission planet earth". You are the director of 7 planet earth shows. Beware because you have a certain amount of money that you can spend. All I can say is "May the Force be With You"

Monday, June 25, 2007

Write A Riddle Answers

What is white black and red all over - Terry
Is it a sunburned zebra or a newspaper

What is gray has a tail and a trunk?- Billy
A Elephant

What is yellow all over never red and sometimes blue?- Jim
I have no clue

What likes to eat peanuts and be playful at the circus?-Jim
A monkey

Thank You for your riddles. Now who's did I get wrong?
When everyone tells me I will announce the winners

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Write a Riddle

You have probably read my riddles contest. This is the other way around. You can write a riddle and post it as a coment and I wil try and solve it. The people who's riddles I fail to solve win. You can write more than one riddle.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Those cute little computer smileys

I love those computer smileys. I was bored so I named them. Here are a few:

:) -Max
:-0 - Ron
:-) -Charlie
;-0 - Granny Gummi
;-) - Gummi

did i forget any????

They are called emoticons.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jokes and Riddles: Winner

The winner of the jokes and riddles is:.....

Terry with 33 percent Congratulations

I hope you feel better.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jokes and Riddle's Answer

The Answers are:

Bob was a cat and Mary was a Fish. The glass and water where from a fish Bowl.

What do you get when you cross a wolf with a tiger was messed up it is
What do you get when you cross a snow man with a tiger

The letter R

Monday, June 18, 2007

Amber Finally Shows Us Her Trick.

When Amber visited Canada she discovered her life long passion. I was playing with chalk when I saw a picture perfect moment that proved that the myth was true. Amber really watches Deal or No Deal. I have proof!!!! (See Below)

Maxim Ride

Have you seen my Fellow Bloggers you might like to read list? You might have even looked at the sites. The "6 kids 12 wings and 1 blog" happens to be my personal favorite blog. After all I love to read and the latest is a series of books by James Patterson. I have been reading his Maximum Ride series. That is what that blog is. The blog is written by the charecters in the book. Anyway the Maximum ride series is about Fang,Iggy,Angel,Nudge and Max. They ar the hero and are chased by erasers, flyboys, 12 possibles parents, the evil school and a strange crazy director. With all the twists and turns, you learn not to trust anyone in your head Not even that voice in your head that won't go away. The voice won't answer a question directly but will meddle at the wrong time. Revealing things you know but don't want to face; that kinda of voice. I should stop i have told you to much so i guess you will just have to read to find out the rest!!!

Maximum Ride

Moved up to newest post

Jokes and Riddles

Since Everyone liked my jokes I am going to post a second one with jokes. Also this way You can cheat. Post your answers as a comment the in a couple of days i will post the answers and some of your conclusions. Here is the first one.

Bob and Mary live in the same house. When Bob woke up Mary was dead. All that was left was glass and water. What was Bob and what was Mary.

What do you get when you cross a wolf with a tiger?

What is in the middle of Paris?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Whistler O7

During winter break we went to Canada. We went to whistler and got to ski. We went tubing and skied down whistler mountain. This is the video of my progress in three days

Here is the tubing video. Please note the screams are from Karen and not me!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Q. What do you call a duck with all A's on his report card?
A. A wise quacker.

Q. What did the ocean say to the beach?
A. I'm not shore.

Q. Why did the farmer take a bucket of milk to church?
A. To get it pastor-ized.

Q. Why did the farmer take a bucket of milk to the meadow?
A. To get it pasture-ized.

Whos There
Gorilla Who
Will you Gorill me a grill cheese

Melody's Travels

Melody the amazing doll has been to three different countries Mexico,Canada,and the USA. We bought her at a store on our trip to Mexico. She went everywhere with us. Including Canada! I also brought her with us to Canada. There was so much snow that the snow covered the legs of a bench. A picture of her is in the top left corner.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Welcome to my blog!!!!

Welcome to the blog all about the adventures of Adi, Amber, and Me. Adi the beagle is a spoiled (or loved I should say) dog. Amber is almost exactly the same as Adi. They are spoiled (loved), picky, and their names both start with the same letter, A. However, there is one difference. Adi is a dog and Amber is a cat.

As for me , i am not a cat nor a dog or any other animal. Well actually a human is a animal but you get what i mean. I enjoy reading and like to comment on books i have read. I like karate and my cat and dog. In my blog i am going to write stories about my pets or even animals in general. Tell a joke or two or maybe even write about a vacation. Who knows? Whatever comes to me at that particular moment! :)