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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chapter 20 something

Frankly I lost count a long time ao with the chapter numbers. OH WELL

The two cats,(or should I say three) cats walked in a stunned silence. After all , what could they say. They took a sharp left and saw Saks walk through a cat door that was disquised as part of the wall. They walked in silence for what seemed like hours in a pitch black tunnel. When they got to what seemed like the end the two cats gasped. Past the thorns of the bush they were in, they saw the eiffel tower looming up above them. Saks strolled up to it and nudges a peice of weirdly bent metal. Then a peice of the leg snapped out and inside was a pig that controlled the elevator. He looked as if he controlled the buttons. He smiled at the cats. "Welcome to the C.I.A.F.A.. My name is Sketchers and it is my name to tell you you have the right to remain silent you also.... hey Saks why aren't they handcuffed." "Because" Saks said impatiently" These are our friends, not our hostages." "Ohhh" sketchers said with embaressment as the elevator dinged open " have a nice day"