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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chapter 9

The ferris wheel slowed to a stop. The two cats (and dog) are ready to run when the ferris wheel stops. The doors clinked open and animal control springs into action. The trio had contemplated this at Genevieve’s house and with extreme agility they leaped over them and in the street behind. Turning this way and that, they finally saw a shop which looked like a great place to hide. As the cats entered the store, or so they thought, they heard voices. Shipley, Gustav and Genevieve ran under the desk. “I hope nothing happens tonight, I heard Madame Trousseau is coming around tomorrow,” said the guards. Little did they or anyone else in the sleepy city know that all chaos could fit under a desk!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Chapter 8

I knew this was gonna smell

Soon after hopping into the duffel bag they began to doubt their plan. Also they saw the major flaw. The stench. The duffel bag they had decided to jump into was filled with stinky gym socks. ( just their luck) On top of that while on their journey to the ferris wheel when crossing streets many cars had coated them in exhaust. Still they persevered because this was Geneve's only request. On their whole journey this was the only thing she realy truly wanted to do. Soon, but in their opinion not soon enough, they got to the front of the line. As the gates where about to closeon a empty compartment the jumped out of the ba and raced into the compartment. The two cats, and dog were tired and ready to drop however even that coulnd't stop them from being amazed.The next 25 minutes where amazing.Londons landscape getting farther farther away almost like there problems of this strange predicament. Geneve sat down and watched the world get farther and farther away. Then they hit the top of the ferris wheel and began to slide down. All their problems became rushing back and threatned to wipe the smile of the poor dog. " What are we going to do" She asked" The two cats snapped out of their trance and soon back into their senses. The trio suddenly said in unision, " We need to run."

Friday, September 7, 2007

Chapter 7: A crazy stinky plan

The group made their way to down town london. Soon after they left they realized how important their training. Two miles would have killed them but now they only tired slightly. Soon they came to a halt.Shipley,Geneve and Gustav all began to smile. Before them stood the london eye."wow" breathed gustav"I thought it was only 2 inches high like in the book. Shipley and Geneve eyed him but didn't say anything. After sitting there for a while a idea popped into Shipley's head. As soon as she thought it over she explained it to gustav and shipley.However it was a while before they could put their plan into action. After all they had to find what they where looking for. A duffel bag about half empty. It was about to be emptied then carry three very unexpected passengers.