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Friday, October 19, 2007

Chapter 13

"Shipley, what where you thinking? We where supposed to be quiet and Inconspicuous not making me and Geneve think you had a broken leg. Honestly you just... you just... you careful." Geneve was silenced by the sudden outburst from what she thought was a sleeping Gustav. " Nice give in on the end." Geneve said loudly. Gustav woke with a start. "Where is Shipley i need to yell at her" Gustav demanded. " Relax, it was all a dream." Geneve said in a lulling voice, trying to figure out if she was still asleep. "It was... okay" and with a thud Gustav was fast asleep.

Also there was a mistake on the last post. The initials where L.V. Pawpaw J can figure that one out

Monday, October 15, 2007

Chapter 12

Those few hours after dawn and before early morning, the cats ran in and out of the sculptures laughing and panting the entire time. Finally, they stopped to catch their breath. Shipley had one more idea and she strolled to the random section weaving her way through sculptures until she came to what she wanted. The sculpture was in a strange way “dominos pizza.” The long line of dominos called her and before she thought about it, all of the dominos were falling over just because a flick of her tail caught them. The dominos fell slowly and slowly in a spiraling pattern until they hit the final thing - - a slice of pizza!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

After one quick run through of the shop, Shipley was a little late but everyone was thankful. He had found a wonderful jacket with the initials “LMV.” “This would make an excellent blanket,” Genevieve commented and that is exactly what they did. They carefully used their teeth and cut three medium sized holes through it. When they were satisfied with their work, they spread the blankets across the ground and were fast asleep before their heads hit the pillow! Soon the sun was rising and the cats awoke. ‘How about some fun?” Genevieve asked. She knew there was only one answer to those cats. That one answer was “YES!”

Monday, October 1, 2007

Chapter 10: On the run again

Soon after the guards left the little traveling buddies, they held a meeting. Shipley looked pale and stress. When the other two asked why, he responded with, “Got to get out, we are at Madame Trousseaus.” “Who the heck is Madame Trousseaus and why are you acting like she is some billionaire who makes stuff out of candles?” Gustav said a little annoyed, but with some intrigue. After Gustav’s comment, it all fit together for Genevieve. Gustav looked at her for back-up and all Genevieve would do is look at her and say, “he looks like that because we are in a billionaire’s shop and well she does make things out of candles - - or at least the wax of them!”