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Monday, November 5, 2007

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

(Later that night)

The two cats rested as Geneve took first watch. She waited until she could hear the soft snores of Gustav and Shipley and she strolled outside. Stealthily she made her way down the road. When she stopped she looked up. She saw the library. Geneve had always felt comfartable here, surrounded by so much knowledge. Calmly waiting for her on the shelfs. She nimbly hopped up the fire escape and into a open window at the top. Once inside she found her makeshift parachute and jumped off of the railing. As air filled the parachute she slowly made her descent. When she finaly plopped onto the beanbag she started her journey,weaving and winding through the shelves almost made her feel like she was at home. That was before her family deserted her. That thought made her realize how much she wanted to get to america. Getting out of London would be the hardest, after that it would all be easy. Geneve thought of a idea, she logged on to the computer and did a google search for a online ticket stand and bought two tickets to Paris on the chunnel. After that he turned the computer off and she walked out the door.


Jim said...

Who will use these two tickets? I'm going to guess Geneve and Shipley, the two cats.
If that is the case, poor Gustav, he will be all alone in a very strange place.

Keep up the good work!

bp said...

Sorry there was a mis typing there is three tickets. One for everybody

Rachel said...

I'm just catching up and it was fun reading several chapters at one time! Three tickets! Yippee!! I hope all goes well for the trio!!