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Monday, June 9, 2008

Ready, Set to Write

Hi guys/girls, long time no see. Well I am a lot less busy now. I really hope to gain back to readers that use to check every day. Any way if you look to the side you see a poll. I NEED you to vote. If no one votes, i can't write anymore. See my dilemma. If you want to further you idea you can leave a comment. Go ahead. This story has been drawn out for a long time and I think that it is time that it rests in peace. By the way. In about a month will be the anniversary when I came up with this spark, that has grown and grown into a uncontrollable fire.

This is an email I recieved. It made me laugh.

Scroll down.....


Jamie Dawn said...

Cute stuff!
I'l head over to your sidebar and place my vote.
If it lets me, I might vote more than once just to get MY way.


Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, I came via Jim, your grandpa.

kare-bear said...

You know me- I like everything to end happy!!!

I really want a bunny rabbit after seeing those pictures with the floppy ears!!!