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Friday, October 19, 2007

Chapter 13

"Shipley, what where you thinking? We where supposed to be quiet and Inconspicuous not making me and Geneve think you had a broken leg. Honestly you just... you just... you careful." Geneve was silenced by the sudden outburst from what she thought was a sleeping Gustav. " Nice give in on the end." Geneve said loudly. Gustav woke with a start. "Where is Shipley i need to yell at her" Gustav demanded. " Relax, it was all a dream." Geneve said in a lulling voice, trying to figure out if she was still asleep. "It was... okay" and with a thud Gustav was fast asleep.

Also there was a mistake on the last post. The initials where L.V. Pawpaw J can figure that one out

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Pawpaw J said...

I think these guys have slowed down a lot. They must be really tired after being up for so long doing their getting away think.

I have been wondering what has been going on back home? Are the pets being missed? Are people crying a lot?
(You know the answer to these questions because you are the author. Authors know everything, even more than what they write.)

Yes, now I know LV! Thank you.