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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chapter 5

Every one liked the first part of my story well get ready for the real beginning at least the beginning of the adventure the pictures you see are the real gustav geneve and shipley

Chapter Five: A five star flea hotel

Shipley and Gustav sat uncomfortably on the withered sofa. Genève looked bad from far away but now that they were up close they realized it was far worse then they expected. She had fleas bouncing of her like it was the fourth of July and her once thoroughly combed chocolate hair was now jet black and hadn't seen a brush in ages. They where barely able to suppress a shudder when Genève abruptly said " What can I do for you two cats" Shipley looked at Gustav at the same times Gustav looked at Shipley. " We have decided to run away" Gustav managed to stutter. "Why, you have everything two cats could want. What is so bad about your life." Genève said with surprising venom. Again the whole looking at each other at the same time. however this time Shipley spoke up it’s a long story..... " Does it look like have appointment book filled to the brim (it now lays empty and nothing is in it). As Shipley and Gustav explained their story the hours of days passed and just as the sun set the two cats ended there story as "and that is why we are here" Genève laid back in the over sized and over stuffed armchair and pondered what she had been told. Hmmmm.... From what you have told me the old lady will probably come looking for you so we should stay on a low profile. Giving us some time to prepare for the long journey ahead. "Come" she said and as nimble as a cat she jumped of the arm chair and onto the floor. Shipley and Gustav followed . " I don’t know if you remember the old toy horses that Rebecca had two the size of you two and one the size of me." " Yes" both of the cats cried in unison. " Her mother made her leave them and all of their accessories behind" " So what are we going to do with horse toys" Shipley asked? Genève simply replied" We are going to need them." " What for" this time however it was Gustav spoke up. This time Genève gave a more complex answer because she wanted the questions to be over with." You see last Christmas Rebbecca got a adventure kit for her ponies which I must admit came extremely well stocked. Saddle packs the whole enchilada. So I figure we are gonna have a long adventure a head of us so we better come prepared. Also I think we better start practicing running in the yard. There for if we have to make a run for it we will be fit enough to do it. One other think we are gonna have to do is slowly cut down how much food we eat so it won't be a dramatic change when we start. "You still haven't answered our question. Will you join us." Geneve had been avoiding the question her self. She was silent for a moment and then whispered "yes"


Billy said...

This is getting good. I wonder where they are going to go? I am still hoping for a happy ending!!!

Karen said...

I love your chapter name! Your story is really buidling up my suspense - where are they going and why do they have to be in great shape to get there? Any clues you can lend me would be great. Remember - we are talking about me and I love to read the end of the book and skip all of those pages in the middle! Is this why you are only posting one chapter at a time? Urgh, the suspense!!! :-)

Jim said...

Well BP, you have me on the edge of my chair! I am really liking it. I hope it doesn't end too soon, I am ready for their big adventure.

Mimi aka Mrs. said...

BP, It really sounds like a plan is about to evolve in this exciting plot. Can't wait to hear more.
BTW, when you talk about an "old" lady, how old would that be? just wondering......
I agree with Randy. I think we have a "budding author" in this family!!!

Rachel said...

Jim sent me over to read your story!! Very exciting so far!! Can't wait to read the rest! I'm on the edge of my seat!!

Jamie Dawn said...

BP, I enjoyed reading this. I really liked it when you said "... the whole enchilada." I like that phrase a lot because I REALLY like enchiladas. :-)
I also like the names of your characters.
Keep up the great writing!