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Monday, August 20, 2007

Chapters 1-4 (A crazy group and a crazy adventure)

The list of all the webkinz had a point. I thought you might want to know who I based the characters on. The book isn't finished yet but the first few chapters are so i thought i might publish them on my blog. when the story is finished i can tell you what realy happened to the humans!


In a land not far from here and in a time not so long ago there lived two cats. Gustav and Shipley. These two cat where alike and different in many ways. First and the most obvious I might add they where both cats. Second they where quite spoiled as where most pets of downtown London. One of there differences however was that while Shipley was laid back and quite lazy, Gustav was active cat always finding a way to pursue his dreams. However there was one dream he had not been given a opportunity to pursue quite yet in his nine lives. When Gustav and Shipley both laid down their heads for those sweet cat naps the dreams they had where quite similar. Dreams of the Greek temples built for Athena and Persephone and the famous leaning tower of Pisa. They both dreamed of seeing the World.

Chapter One: The Beginning

There was many changes going on in the houses of Gustav and Shipley. Every one was packing. All the rooms became scarce of any items they could but in a wide assortment of suitcases all different shapes and sizes. That is all except the rooms of Shipley and Gustav. All of there stuff was untouched. The children looked at them for a while with such sad faces that they soon tried not to look at them at all because they would overflow with tears. Then came the day when the suitcases where packed. Still none of the two cats things had been touched. As the car was loaded they picked up the two cats and put them hastily in the back seat. As the car drove away the cats realized that this would be the last time they would ever see their stunning home again.

Chapter Two: Stranded with a Old Lady

As the car slowed the revolting smell of dry cat food enveloped the two cats noses . The kind that is packed by the pound is the smell that smothered the two cats. Temporarily the cats didn't think as the mother of their family handed the two cats to an old lady. This didn't even strike them as odd because everyone should get a chance to hold such stunning cats. Or at least they viewed it like that. However when they started to realize what was happening it was too late. The car took off from the parking lot of the apartment complex to fast to stop even if the driver had wanted to. As the old lady looked at her watch and exclaimed " Oh my little dears you are probably starving by now." As she said that Shipley's and Gustav's stomach started rumbling. "Yum Yum" the both exclaimed in a language only animals can understand and to humans it is either meow bark moo etc. Quite exited as to the thought of food momentarily they forgot the terrible so they also forgot to think about what it was coming from.

Chapter Three: I'm Supposed to Eat that...Thing

As the old lady set them down they ran toward four bowls placed on the floor. Two where filled with water at which they happily slurped away but when there thirst was quenched they found that for them was dry cat food that looked at least three months if not years old. The two cats decided to skip dinner. They looked all around the house and the only beds they could find was the old lady's bed. When the two cats finely realized that they had to sleep on the couch they settled in to the scratchy material that made them squirm. Unable to sleep the two cats discussed ideas on how to make lemonade out of these lemons but they found out with such big lemons and no opposable thumbs it was pretty much impossible. However they did form a plan. One they would regret at first but learned to be thankful that at that age they did not think before they acted. They decided to rum away.

Chapter Four: What Happened to you

While Gustav thought about their predicament he wondered where they would go. Who would feed them? All of these questions swarmed at him and pestered so he couldn't sleep. We're not very strong so we will need protection. Who where the strongest people he knew. Butch, he wasn't friend, he was the neighborhood bully. Fifi, they had got into a argument last week. Then who else……..? Genève was perfect for the job. She was loyal and trustworthy. Her coat was a chocolate color and was extremely tall even for being a lab. Another one of traits that might come in handy is that she was incredibly strong so she could pick both cats up and place them on her backs and then run. The next morning at dawn both of the sleepless cats set out to Genève's house. What they saw almost shocked them as much as what they didn't see. There was no more maids bustling around the corridors of Genève's owners mansion and the once well groomed Genève looked scrawny but strong compared to her former
Self who was plump but weak. As Shipley and Gustav approached her they heard Genève whimper. Being a dog she had even better smell then cats and both cats smelled like old cat food. Despite the awful smell of the two cats Genève let them in.


Mrs said...

BP, this is quite a story. I can hardly wait to see what happens to everyone. Something terrible must have happened to Geneve also. Thank goodness we can all have friends who care about us and help us in difficult times.

Thanks for blogging again.

Papa J said...

Poor Gen�ve. I can only guess that her owner put her on a diet.

All three of these lovely characters are in real a mess, aren't they? Goodness!

I sure will be checking to see how this will turn out. I feel that it will have a happy ending. There may be some scarey parts coming.

Poor Gustav and Shipley, Do you think Adi feels this way when we go on a holiday?

You sure do write good stuff!



Karen said...

Wow, that is quite a story! I can't wait to see what happens - do they go on all of those adventures they dream about or are they stuck eating dry food and not the gourmet Fancy Feast? I wonder if that is how Amber feels when I go places and she has to eat the dry food? I sure hope Geneve can get better and save them all!

Billy said...

Great story!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next. I love the chapter names also. I hope there is a happy ending.

mema' said...

BP, Terrific story so far; made me wish I knew what happens now . I first thought it was from a published book. You have a great talent. Can't wait to read the rest.

BP said...

do you want me to post the next chapter

Ms. Amy said...

What happens now? Will Gustav and Shipley be allowed to stay with Geneve? Will they even want to stay after they find out how Geneve lost her weight?

Great story, Bailey! I hope you take the time to finish it soon.

You're a great writer!!

Uncle Randy said...

Well I am on the edge of my seat! It looks like the cats are beginning an adventure that could bring them to all of the places in their dreams. Am I right, or do I have to wait like everyone else to find out? I will wait with everyone else. This is a very exciting story!

It seems that we have a budding author in the family! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

BP,what a story!!!I can't wait for each new chapter. You are quite a gifted young lady. I love you

MawMaw said...

BP, I love this story. It keeps me on edge waiting for the next chapter. You are such a talanted author. Keep it up. I love you