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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Webkinz


Sketchers the Pig

Daffodil the Poodle

Elsie the Cow

Abba the Panda

Jelly the Polar Bear

Artemis the Frog

Apollo the Terrier

Igoo the Gorilla

Zippy the Koala

Lilac the Yorkie

Lola the Sherbet Bunny

Tally the Elephant

Eclair the Persian Cat

Ginger the Bull Dog

Shipley the Gold and White Cat

Miriam the Monkey

Dreidel the Pug


Anonymous said...

You really have some creative names for your Webkinz. How crazy would it be if they were real animals? I bet you would be really busy!!!

Jim said...

Hey BP, the only one of these is know is Adi the Beagle. She is very nice.
You have been busy blogging lately, it all sneaked up on me today!
Until October I am blogging at
Adi has been on it quite a bit lately.

Terry said...

Where is Adi and Amber?

Karen said...

I sure do like your Webkinz! Where is Gustav and Genevieve on your list?