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Friday, September 7, 2007

Chapter 7: A crazy stinky plan

The group made their way to down town london. Soon after they left they realized how important their training. Two miles would have killed them but now they only tired slightly. Soon they came to a halt.Shipley,Geneve and Gustav all began to smile. Before them stood the london eye."wow" breathed gustav"I thought it was only 2 inches high like in the book. Shipley and Geneve eyed him but didn't say anything. After sitting there for a while a idea popped into Shipley's head. As soon as she thought it over she explained it to gustav and shipley.However it was a while before they could put their plan into action. After all they had to find what they where looking for. A duffel bag about half empty. It was about to be emptied then carry three very unexpected passengers.


Rachel said...


Glad you posted another chapter. I was getting worried!!

Karen said...

Oh wow! I love the London Eye. I bet it did look really tall and big to those three. Afterall, they are less than a foot off the ground themselves!

Imagine the surprise of the person with the duffel bag after finding those three cats!

I can't wait to hear what comes next!

Jim said...

And that duffel bag would take them to ...?
You have me expecting more excitment for sure now.