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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chapter 9

The ferris wheel slowed to a stop. The two cats (and dog) are ready to run when the ferris wheel stops. The doors clinked open and animal control springs into action. The trio had contemplated this at Genevieve’s house and with extreme agility they leaped over them and in the street behind. Turning this way and that, they finally saw a shop which looked like a great place to hide. As the cats entered the store, or so they thought, they heard voices. Shipley, Gustav and Genevieve ran under the desk. “I hope nothing happens tonight, I heard Madame Trousseau is coming around tomorrow,” said the guards. Little did they or anyone else in the sleepy city know that all chaos could fit under a desk!


PawPawJ said...

Well, that was a scare. I'm so glad for them that animal control couldn't catch them.
Of course they probably would have had a nice meal. But the cats and dog would be separated.

I have a suspicion where they are. Most people pay $50 American money to get in. I'll just wait and see.

Rachel said...

Ohhh...a close call!! The plot thickens!!