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Friday, September 14, 2007

Chapter 8

I knew this was gonna smell

Soon after hopping into the duffel bag they began to doubt their plan. Also they saw the major flaw. The stench. The duffel bag they had decided to jump into was filled with stinky gym socks. ( just their luck) On top of that while on their journey to the ferris wheel when crossing streets many cars had coated them in exhaust. Still they persevered because this was Geneve's only request. On their whole journey this was the only thing she realy truly wanted to do. Soon, but in their opinion not soon enough, they got to the front of the line. As the gates where about to closeon a empty compartment the jumped out of the ba and raced into the compartment. The two cats, and dog were tired and ready to drop however even that coulnd't stop them from being amazed.The next 25 minutes where amazing.Londons landscape getting farther farther away almost like there problems of this strange predicament. Geneve sat down and watched the world get farther and farther away. Then they hit the top of the ferris wheel and began to slide down. All their problems became rushing back and threatned to wipe the smile of the poor dog. " What are we going to do" She asked" The two cats snapped out of their trance and soon back into their senses. The trio suddenly said in unision, " We need to run."


Karen said...

Oh man, they sure picked the wrong duffel bag to jump into! I am not sure how they would have survived that awful smell of stinky gym socks!

I love the London Eye and they are right, the landscape of looking out to London is absolutely incredible! They view is spectacular. I am sure they were in complete amazement to see that view versus their normal view, a foot off the ground and everything so much bigger than them.

I am so curious to hear where they are going next? I can't even begin to imagine! I have several ideas, but I am sure they will find quite a journey next!!

Billy said...

I sure hope the animals do not get in trouble for sneaking on the Eye. The Eye is a very cool and I loved the view from the top.I can't wait to see what happens next.

Rachel said...

EEWWWWWWW!!! Stinky gym socks. The poor things!!

Interesting! I'm looking forward to the next chapter!!

Jim said...

Well, that wheel sure will make a person forget their problems.

BP, have you studied yet the science theory of "what goes up must come down?" I'll bet your Daddy can teach you that really good.

Anyway they did have to come back down. Down to earth and the hard life they had just left.

But we all know that some little break from the monotony sure does help now and then.
I am very glad they got to take the wheel ride.
It helped me to feel good one hot and sweaty day too.