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Monday, October 1, 2007

Chapter 10: On the run again

Soon after the guards left the little traveling buddies, they held a meeting. Shipley looked pale and stress. When the other two asked why, he responded with, “Got to get out, we are at Madame Trousseaus.” “Who the heck is Madame Trousseaus and why are you acting like she is some billionaire who makes stuff out of candles?” Gustav said a little annoyed, but with some intrigue. After Gustav’s comment, it all fit together for Genevieve. Gustav looked at her for back-up and all Genevieve would do is look at her and say, “he looks like that because we are in a billionaire’s shop and well she does make things out of candles - - or at least the wax of them!”

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Billy said...

Wow..I hope they don't get scared of all the wax figures. I can't wait for the next chapter.