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Monday, October 15, 2007

Chapter 12

Those few hours after dawn and before early morning, the cats ran in and out of the sculptures laughing and panting the entire time. Finally, they stopped to catch their breath. Shipley had one more idea and she strolled to the random section weaving her way through sculptures until she came to what she wanted. The sculpture was in a strange way “dominos pizza.” The long line of dominos called her and before she thought about it, all of the dominos were falling over just because a flick of her tail caught them. The dominos fell slowly and slowly in a spiraling pattern until they hit the final thing - - a slice of pizza!

1 comment:

Pawpaw J said...

BP, I'm thinking that Domino's Pizza might like your idea.
They could pay you big time. Ask your Dad about this, maybe for their commercial.
For sure they haven't come up with this, you figured it out first!