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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

After one quick run through of the shop, Shipley was a little late but everyone was thankful. He had found a wonderful jacket with the initials “LMV.” “This would make an excellent blanket,” Genevieve commented and that is exactly what they did. They carefully used their teeth and cut three medium sized holes through it. When they were satisfied with their work, they spread the blankets across the ground and were fast asleep before their heads hit the pillow! Soon the sun was rising and the cats awoke. ‘How about some fun?” Genevieve asked. She knew there was only one answer to those cats. That one answer was “YES!”


PaPaJ said...

Here is a clue for us, but what does "LMV" mean? I Googled it, with and without a lot of other words I could think of, but still could find no mention of "LMV."

So I'll just wait and see.

BP, I am really enjoying this story. I know you are a busy person because you have so much going on, but thank you for your newest story.

BP said...

for you people who are curious that was a typing error by karen. It is LV of louis vuiton