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Monday, June 18, 2007

Amber Finally Shows Us Her Trick.

When Amber visited Canada she discovered her life long passion. I was playing with chalk when I saw a picture perfect moment that proved that the myth was true. Amber really watches Deal or No Deal. I have proof!!!! (See Below)


Mrs said...

There are just some things you have to see to believe! Looks like Amber is comfortable and enjoying her show!!

Karen said...

Terry, Amber sure does like 'Deal or No Deal!' As it says in the caption, Amber finally showed us her trick.

Pilgrim Pals said...

Dear BP and Karen...This is so neat.
Didn't I tell you that Amber was fascinated with Howie's bald head?!

Good night now!
I will check on you tomorrow.
Keep up this good work and you will have a better blog site than that Grampa Jim!!
Love from Canada..Mrs. S.
from my other "shared" blog site, "Pilgrim Pals".

Terry said...

Dear BP..I have put Amber and her hero Howie on my desk top.

Don't tell anybody that I am writing to you, not even Grampa Jim because I can't write everybody.
I have a bit of a headache but you are special!!
Keep up the good work!...love From Mrs. Terry S.