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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Those cute little computer smileys

I love those computer smileys. I was bored so I named them. Here are a few:

:) -Max
:-0 - Ron
:-) -Charlie
;-0 - Granny Gummi
;-) - Gummi

did i forget any????

They are called emoticons.


Mimi said...

Did you make up the name "emoticons" also? You'll have to teach me to make smiley faces and fun things on the computer when you come see me!!
Interesting names for your emoticons. Are they from a book?
Have a great day!

Terry said...

Hi BP..I just don't know how to make those cute expressions on the computeer but I really do like them.
Perhaps after you teach Mimi, you can teach Adi how to make them.
Adi will be coming for another trip to Canada soon and I just got to thinking that if you taught her how to make those smileys then she can teach me, eh?
Love from Candada and Mrs. Terry

Karen said...

I am guessing that 'emoticons' is a split between - emotions & icons, am i right?