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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Whistler O7

During winter break we went to Canada. We went to whistler and got to ski. We went tubing and skied down whistler mountain. This is the video of my progress in three days

Here is the tubing video. Please note the screams are from Karen and not me!!!


Karen said...

I loved the skiing video and such a GREAT rating!!! You do have a super great daddy!!

Just to set the record straight.... that was NOT me screaming on the tubing video, but we sure did go mighty fast and in lots of circles down that REALLY long and several dips of a course!

Mrs said...

Neat pictures. Looks like great fun. I think that was Karen laughing and I'm sure I heard some screaming from her also. But, I think you were both brave just to ride that thing.

Terry said...

Dear Bp...I looked at these videos last night and I really think that your dad did a good job!!
Yep!! This is cold Canada alright!
Snow! Snow! Snow! and MORE snow!!
I had to turn the volume down because with all that sceaming going on by that Karen, the neighbors would have been calling the police because they would have thought Mr. Bernie was hitting me!

Keep these good posts and videos coming BP!!
Love from Canada and Miss Terry

Terry said...

Oh no!! I just thought something as I was reading your blog BP...It IS a good thing that I turned the volume down when I listened to your mom's screaming!!
Why,,,just THINK of it!!
Me here all wounded and all...Bernie would have surely been getting the blame..
Yeh!! A whole lot of screaming going on and a wife with a shiner!!
Not a pretty sight!!...Ha!!! Love from Mrs. Terry