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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Write a Riddle

You have probably read my riddles contest. This is the other way around. You can write a riddle and post it as a coment and I wil try and solve it. The people who's riddles I fail to solve win. You can write more than one riddle.


Terry said...

Ok..Here is one that we used to ask..

What is black and white and red all over?

Well BP??...love Mrs. Terry

Karen said...

Hmmm..... let me think about one.

Maybe something that has to do with Canada or Calgary... I will get back to you! :-)

Billy said...

What is gray,has a tail, and a trunk?

Terry said...

Naw Karen...Nothing to do with Canada!
Hint...Has to do with Africa...Love Terry

Jim said...

What is yellow all over, never red, and sometimes blue?

Jim said...

What likes to eat peanuts and be playful at the circus?
I've never seen a red, white, and black one though, Terry.

Terry said...

No not a monkey Grampa Jim! !!!...Terry