Welcome to my blog

Monday, June 11, 2007

Welcome to my blog!!!!

Welcome to the blog all about the adventures of Adi, Amber, and Me. Adi the beagle is a spoiled (or loved I should say) dog. Amber is almost exactly the same as Adi. They are spoiled (loved), picky, and their names both start with the same letter, A. However, there is one difference. Adi is a dog and Amber is a cat.

As for me , i am not a cat nor a dog or any other animal. Well actually a human is a animal but you get what i mean. I enjoy reading and like to comment on books i have read. I like karate and my cat and dog. In my blog i am going to write stories about my pets or even animals in general. Tell a joke or two or maybe even write about a vacation. Who knows? Whatever comes to me at that particular moment! :)


Karen said...

BP, I love your blog! You, Amber and Adi really seem to have a spectacular time. I can't wait to check back and see what 'adventures come to your mind!' Will you tell me some of Melody's adventures? How many countries has Melody been to?

Jim said...

Hi BP -- you have a very nice blog. Your pets are nice. I really like Adi and Amber and can't wait to meet the others.

Best wishes for your blog. I will wait to hear about Melody too.
And thanks for putting me in your links!

Mrs said...

What a great idea to write about your animals. You and they have interesting adventures. I am excited that you are writing a blog and am really impressed! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and adventures!!! I'll be checking back on your blog.

Terry said...

Hi BP!!

Well I see that the double "A's" are in another blog!
Those two seem to be making their way into ever blog site that they can!

I see that you are in good company too, BP..Karen, Jim, and Mrs. Jim

Now, let me just warn you though, don't let those two get the upper hand!
And please be very careful about praising them up too much.
Why I am surely afraid that they will both get so puffed up with pride that they will explode!

And by no means let them read your blog site!
"Read?" you ask.
Yes BP, when Adi and Amber were visiting us here in Canada, the grey cat, Vincent taught them BOTH to read!
So if you have any secrets written down, just be very, very careful where you leave those papers laying around!!

Congratulations on your new blog and all the best!....Love from the Canadian Blogger, Miss Terry