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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Melody's Travels

Melody the amazing doll has been to three different countries Mexico,Canada,and the USA. We bought her at a store on our trip to Mexico. She went everywhere with us. Including Canada! I also brought her with us to Canada. There was so much snow that the snow covered the legs of a bench. A picture of her is in the top left corner.


Mrs said...

Melody sounds like a happy name. I am sure she is glad to get tucked away in your suitcase anytime! Guess she didn't go to NYC, just the All American Doll, eh? Mexico to Canada sounds like a NAFTA doll.

Have a good day and happy blogging.

Terry said...

Dear BP...The next time that Adi and Amber visit us here in Welland, Ontario do you think they can bring Melody with them?
After all by the sounds of it, she spent quite a bit of time in Canada and the snow is all gone..For now!!...Love Miss Terry