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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Jim Won! Have you been to discoverychannel.com? It is so awesome. Go to games and then choose "mission planet earth". You are the director of 7 planet earth shows. Beware because you have a certain amount of money that you can spend. All I can say is "May the Force be With You"


Jim said...

Thank you BM. What will my prize be? I'm ready for another riddle, the Discovery stuff is too hard for me.

Terry said...

Yes I have to agree with Grampa Jim, BP..
Our brains are too old.
We just can't keep up with the kids of today.
Besides the score is one to one and I want a tie breaker!
Hopefully that Billy doesn't win the next riddle game cause then it would be a three way tie!!
I would never get caught up with that Grampa Jim!
Love Mrs. Shirkie

Karen said...

What is going on, eh? Just thought that I would get you started early on the Canadian talk for our fun weekend!!!

Jim said...
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Jim said...

What has a red leaf and flies?

What does, huh?
p.s. This is the tie-breaker, only Terry can answer first.
You all check your answers against Terry's when she gets here.

Terry said...

Here I am and it is a toughie!

Would it be our lovely Canadian flag, eh?
It has one big red leaf on it and it certainly is flying on flag poles all over Canada!!...Love Terry

Did I win BP...
Did Jim win? Tell me it is not so!!!

Jim said...

Congratulations, Terry. You won the tie-breaker! Mrs. Jim guessed a Royal Canadian airplane. That was close but it didn't match my answer.
BP may not blog tonight, she went home and their new Internet service isn't working. [Comcast took over RoadRunner here, they have a lot of problems.]

Terry said...

That's all right Grampa Jim!
We will have to hold the fort down for her so that she will have lots of reading when she gets back!!!
Ok! You ask the riddle and we will see if we can answer it and then whoever comes up with the right answer, well then it is his or her turn to ask the next riddle.
Something like "Riddle Tag", eh?
Or "Riddle and Seek"!...from Terry

Jim said...

Ok, Terry, I will start it out. I'm not sure how big an audience we can have.

Here goes, ready?

When is it dangerous to play cards?

Terry said...

I think it must have something to do with the crazy joker Jim, but I can't say for sure!!...Terry

Am I close at least?

Jim said...

Well, not because he was crazy. What makes you think the poor jokers are crazy?

Hint: what are jokers?

Terry said...

Gee Jim...Sometimes I think that Bernie is a joker!!
Sometimes too in the deck don't they call the joker wild?
How many jokers are in a deck of cards...four?

Well I am off to bed!
Let me know tomorrow!!...From Terry

Hey Jim, you will have to visit my sister, Gracey's new blog...It is on my favoirite links "Gracey"
I just set her up tonight and that is why I am so tired!!!

Jim said...

Terry, you are right now. Beware of the jokers because they are wild.

You win.

BP said...

well i guess since terry won the tie breaker she one

Terry said...

BP.. I won!
What next? Love Mrs. Terry