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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Q. What do you call a duck with all A's on his report card?
A. A wise quacker.

Q. What did the ocean say to the beach?
A. I'm not shore.

Q. Why did the farmer take a bucket of milk to church?
A. To get it pastor-ized.

Q. Why did the farmer take a bucket of milk to the meadow?
A. To get it pasture-ized.

Whos There
Gorilla Who
Will you Gorill me a grill cheese


Karen said...

Love it!!!! My favorite is the grilled cheese joke, of course.... did you really think I would say anything different?! :-)

Mrs said...

Did you make up that gorilla knock, knock joke? Clever princess.

Jim said...
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Jim said...

I heard the ocean said nothing, it only waved!

Terry said...

Hey BP..It sounds to me that these three commenters are biased but if you must know, I think the jokes are pretty good too!....from Miss Terry

Oh by the way I hope that Adi's grandpa told you that Adi might be called at any time to go serching for bloggers that have gotten themselves lost!

Rachel said...

You must be kin to Jim!! He sent me over here. I loved the farmer's jokes!!