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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jokes and Riddles: Winner

The winner of the jokes and riddles is:.....

Terry with 33 percent Congratulations

I hope you feel better.


Terry said...

Dear BP..For sure and I do feel better after beating that smart grampa of yours!!
I think he had better do a little studying this week instead of tattle taling on me!
Yes I am feeling a little better.
Today I actually got a few more comments into my friend's blogs.
I am getting a little caught up!

Have a good day little girl because that is when you will be reading this.
It will be morning by then because it is 1100PM and you and Amber SHOULD be in bed!!....love from Mrs. Terry

Mrs said...

Congratulations to Mrs. Terry. I could hear the drum roll as you announced her the winner.

You sure have a colorful blog. You do a great job.

I'll work harder on the riddles next time.

Nanny said...

Nanny misses you I want some alone time like you called it when you were 3-6!!!!!!!!!